Creating a wallpaper for your computer!

Remember the fresh feeling of buying a new computer? How did it feel to unravel it from the packaging and firing it up? But wait- you don’t remember getting a boring floral print wallpaper! How can this be? It’s time to give that new computer a fresh wallpaper.


There are always alternatives for creating or getting new wallpapers for your computer. It all comes down to personal taste, what you’re looking for, and how you want it to represent you. Personally, I like wallpapers that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and represents how I feel and my interests. Some people like cars or dark themes to emphasize their personalities or hobbies. If you want to choose from what already exists, there are various sites like The Fresh Images that offer great images in various categories.


There are three major ways for creating or transforming your wallpaper on your computer.


  • Creating your own piece of art!
  • Downloading an image from the internet!
  • Taking your own unique photos!


Starting with creating your own artwork, this can be a long or short process, depending on the person. For this, you can use a variety of programs and tools for creating your artwork. It can be done either traditionally or digitally, but either way, you’ll have a final image that will represent you like your wallpaper.


Next, for downloading an image, this can be a fun process. It’s very easy and rather simple to follow as well! If you don’t have much artistic talent or ability, or you merely do not have the resources, the internet is a great source for finding images. To find your desired image, search what you’re looking for and thousands upon thousands results will show up! Of course, there will be many to chose from, but the best part is that they’ll always be there if you decide to change it up!

For the third method, taking your own photos can be both aesthetically pleasing, and rewarding! While it’ll look great as your wallpaper, it’ll be very rewarding to take the photo! For example, taking a photograph of your niece’s fourth birthday party. This allows you to celebrate the moment forever by capturing that picture! And going further by making it the highlight of your computer as your wallpaper that makes the memory all the fonder. Family and friends is a great idea for wallpaper choices or even just things you love! Pictures really do speak a thousand words and creating these moments is what matters, but making them last is everything.


Coming to a close, creating a wallpaper can be a very fun and expressive project for you and your brand new computer! Finding the right images for your computer, or even creating your own artwork to showcase, both bring a sense of customization and ownership. I bet you are more likely to use your computer if you see something you take pride in, find interest or love. It really is a refreshing feeling to start off brand new, with a beautiful wallpaper, created by you.