Best dressed celebrities for Halloween
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Best dressed celebrities for Halloween

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Halloween is actually one of the greatest boons to mankind. The celebrations and preparations of Halloween make everyone forget their worries. Almost everyone mingles with other people and have fun. The parties, fancy dress costumes, Halloween parades and a lot of other activities enable people to have a lot of fun.
When we say Halloween is all about having fun, we meant fun for everyone. There no filter or restrictions involved in it. Whether you are a normal person or a famous person, Halloween and fun are common for everyone. Here are some of the best-dressed celebrities for Halloween.

Beyonce and Jay Z

Queen B and her rapper husband Jay Z has again stolen the show.  They celebrity couple dressed up as the 80’s Olympian Flo Jo and Tommie Smith. The attire was very much apt for them because both of them are unique and powerful in their own accord.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum made sure to live up to the title of Master of Halloween. She dressed up as Shrek and make sure to be as authentic as possible.

John Legend

This is not just about making super hit songs. He really knows how to please his women. First, he dressed up as prince charming for his daughter and then a for his wife who was dressed as Queen Elizabeth.

Joe Jonas

He once again showed the world how much he loves his Finance Sophia Turner. Joe Jonas dressed up as Sansa Stark the character of Sophia Turner in Game Of  Thrones. Then the duo dressed up as members of Adams Family.

Gigi Hadid

This beautiful lady kept it simple this time. She did her own makeup and dressed as Jack o Lantern. One of the very common Halloween costumes.

Lupita Nyong O

Lupita Nyong O who has given some stellar performances on screen made sure to impress every by dressing as Donne Davenport.  She made it very real in every aspect with both the costume and the accessories.

Amy Schumer

As usual Amy Schumer was at her exceptional by doing what she does the best. Amy and her husband dressed as the comedy duo Siegfried and Roy.

The Kardashians

When we talk about costumes how can we not talk about the Kardashians? The Kardashian sister made sure to turn up the heat and make the heads turn towards them. The entire Kardashian sisters dressed up as Victoria secret models.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie made sure to stand out of the of her sister gang by also dressing up as Barbie. She made sure to get properly clicked with a box that suits her dress color.

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner seems like she took some help from the experts. The supermom dressed up as Cleopatra and made sure to be as original as possible.


Fregie this time decided to partner with her son. The duo was so perfect as the power rangers. Frige was the pink ranger, and her son was the leader red ranger.

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